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Career Education & Guidance

In Key Stage 3 pupils are taught modules of Personal Development, Citizenship and Employability.


In Key stage 4 pupils take a GCSE in Learning for Life and Work. In order that each pupil may gain maximum advantage from the curriculum on offer, there is a timetabled careers programme in Years 10 - 12. These classes and individual interviews (with the assistance of Careers Officers from DEL) are designed to help pupils make informed choices with a view to future employment. There is a comprehensive programme of talks by guest speakers from the public and private sectors, participation in seminars, workshops and mock interviews. A one-week work experience programme is an essential element of the course and is completed by all Year 12 pupils. This ensures that all pupils are extremely well prepared for their future careers

At Post16, advice and guidance is provided for the UCAS application process. DEL Career Officers hold personalised interviews with all Post16 Students to guide their career choices. University visits are arranged for Year 14, and time off for interviews is timetabled during the period that third level institutions are making offers. On the examination results day, staff are on hand to provide advice and guidance if required.

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The aim of Careers Education at St Patrick’s is to help pupils:

  • know themselves better;

  • be aware of education, training and career opportunities;

  • make informed decisions about the transition from school to adult life;

  • see the opportunities to become productive members of society.

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