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Online Safety - Student Section

Safer Schools NI App

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The digital world is 24/7; it’s outside and inside of the school gates, so you need a service that does the same. Safer Schools NI is a digital library of age-appropriate safeguarding resources that you can check out anytime, from your phone or computer.

Letters to Pupils

Online Safety Group

St. Patrick's Academy has an Online Safety Group to help identify, understand and deal effectively with current online safety issues and keep pupils safe.  Membership comprises of students from every registration group, in addition to representation from the Board of Governors, the Senior Leadership Team, the Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection, Teaching Staff, ICT Technical Support and Parents.  Pupils will have lots of opportunities to raise their concerns and share ideas as to how these concerns can be tackled.

Group Membership 2023-2024

Online Safety Group Leaders:
  • Year 8 - Aidan Kerr

  • Year 9 - Mattie Connolly

  • Year 10 - Rhianna Irvine

  • Year 11 - Klara Slaon

  • Year 12 - Molly Maguire

  • Year 13 - Katie Hollis

  • Year 14 - Olivia Davis

  • Year 8 - 14 - Elle Campbell

Online Safety Group Class Representatives:
  • 8DM: Riley Taggart

  • 8IB: Brodie Callaghan

  • 8LC: Nadia Gosz.

  • 8JB: Abi Smyth

  • 9CB: Aidan Doyle

  • 9RW: Zach Dickson Hill

  • 9SMK: Bartosz Lukaszuk

  • 10BML: Paul Hewitt

  • 11SMA: Marie Balosor

  • 11MCG: Aaron O’Neill

  • 11MT Ryan Fusco

  • 12KMcG: Conor Moran

Useful Links for Online Safety

Childline Logo.png
Internet Matters Logo.png
NSPCC Logo.png
CLICK CEOP button.jfif
CEOP Logo.png
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