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Homework is an extension of, and supplement to, classroom learning. It is vital in fostering independence in learning and is valuable in the following ways:

  • it can help pupils make more rapid progress;

  • it can help pupils to develop the practice of working on their own;

  • it can provide for the practice of skills learned in class;

  • it allows pupils to use resources not always available in school;

  • it can provide opportunities for long term research and assignment work;

  • it can form an important part of the pupils notes;

  • work at home may provide the quiet and private conditions needed for thoughtful and creative work;

  • it can involve parents in the pupils’ work for their mutual benefit.


Homework will be interesting, stimulating and constructive. The activities will deepen pupils’ understanding of the topics they have covered in the subject area, or can be preparation for a new topic that is to be undertaken. Each pupil will be given a homework diary at the beginning of September by their Class Tutor and homework will be recorded in the homework diary. Parents will be encouraged to talk to their child about homework and sign work before submission to the teacher for marking.

St Patrick’s focus on learning will teach pupils how to organise their homework, and the environment needed to work effectively, e.g. quiet room, desk with no distractions. To further aid children and parents, we have developed a ‘Study Support Programme’.

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