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2 August 2022

The Safer Schools NI App is a key resource for online safeguarding information for all members of school communities. 

It has been created through a partnership with the Department of Education and Ineqe Safeguarding Group.  It will be our place to turn to for updates, information and advice on how to keep our pupils safe in the online digital world. 

As our children spend more time using digital devices and the lines between their online and off line worlds become blurred, it is vital that we make online safeguarding a priority. Never has their health and well being been so important. 

We can consider this app as our own personal library of safeguarding resources. There is something for everyone in our school community from practical tips for parents, lesson plans for teachers and easily accessible advice for pupils available 24/7 where and when they need it. 

The app is customised for use in our school and is linked to our News, Calendar and policies. It provide us with the ability to provide our own updates, school surveys and much more. 

As a registered NI School, we can also get access to the home and Teach learning hubs where there is a wealth of resources for parents and carers and teachers. 

Please use the PARENTS and PUPILS links above to access more information.

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