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Key Stage 3

Not available at KS3.

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Key Stage 4


Study of this subject allows students to gain practical ICT skills and an understanding of how they are used to enhance business activities, particularly through e-commerce. It will help to develop a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of business subjects that could potentially lead to related further study and employment. Study of BACS will help pupils to understand how business is changing because of digital technology and how software applications can be applied to enhance business through digital solutions.

Students must take at least 40 percent of the assessment (based on unit weightings) at the end of the course as terminal assessment.

Unit 1: Software Applications for Business

  • External computer=based examination - 2 hours

  • Students complete tasks using a range of software applications

  • 40% weighting

  • Summer availablilty

Unit 2: The Business Environment

  • External written examination - 1 hour

  • Structured questions

  • 35% weighting

  • Summer availability

Unit 3: Developing Digital Solutions

  • Controlled assessment

  • Students project manage and develop a digital solution for a given problem within a business context.

  • Teachers mark the tasks, and CCEA moderate the results.

  • 25% weighting

  • Summer

Unit 1: Software Applications for Business

  • File management

  • Common software application tasks

  • Word processing software

  • Spreadsheet software

  • Database software

  • Presentation software

  • Web authoring software

  • Web browsing software

  • Internet searching

  • Email software

Unit 2: The Business Environment

  • Types of business ownership

  • Stakeholders

  • Communication

  • Digital trading

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Training

  • Implications of digital tech

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Key Stage 5

Not available at KS3.

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