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Key Stage 3

Not available at Key Stage 3.

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Key Stage 4


Through studying this specification students:

  • Explore human development through the main life stages and age ranges

  • Identify factors affecting health and development, including behavioural,  environmental, physical and socio-economic factors

  • Understand how relationships influence social and emotional development

  • Discuss how a range of factors influence self-concept

  • Identify major life changes and sources of support

  • Understand how health and social care services meet a range of service  users’ needs

  • Explore barriers to health and social care services and how they can be  overcome

  • Research job roles of a range of practitioners and consider how they apply  the values of care in their day-to-day work; and

  • Appreciate the importance of safeguarding in health, social care and early years settings

This specification encourages students to develop a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving and to become effective and independent learners.

It also prepares students for work in the Health, Social Care, early years and Children’s services sector and for further studies in this or related areas.

Form of Examination

There will be one tier of entry for the examination

One Written Paper - 1 ½ hours

50% Weighting of Overall Grade

Students tested on knowledge and understanding of: Personal Development

Three Controlled Assessment

50% Weighting of Overall Grade

Three assessments completed: Working in Health and Social Care

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Key Stage 5


The revised CCEA syllabus for A-level Health and Social Care is broken down into six units in total across the two years as follows; four of which are compulsory.

AS Units (Year 13) Assessment

  • Unit AS 1: Promoting Quality Care - Compulsory Portfolio

  • Unit AS 2: Communication in Care Settings - Compulsory Portfolio

  • Unit AS 3: Health and Well-Being - Compulsory External Examination

A2 Units (Year 14)

  • Unit A2 8: Applied Research Portfolio

  • Unit A2 9: Body Systems and Physiological Disorders Portfolio

  • Unit A2 10: Providing Services – Compulsory Unit External Examination

  • Unit A2 11: Health Promotion (Optional) Portfolio

  • Unit A2 12: Supporting the Family (Optional) Portfolio

  • Unit A2 13: Understanding Human Behaviour (Optional) External Examination

  • Unit A2 14: Human Nutrition and Health (Optional) External Examination

This subject covers many areas within the Health and Social Care setting and would be suitable for students considering a career in many different areas. Some examples are included below.

Health and social care covers: 

  • Service provision

  • Values

  • Rights

  • Responsibilities

  • Care settings

  • Communication

  • Health and well-being

  • Understanding human behaviour

  • Practitioner roles 

Career opportunities

  • Childcare 

  • Nursing 

  • Paediatrics 

  • Midwifery 

  • Social work 

  • Teaching/similar careers 

  • Police Officer Probation Officer 

  • Medicine 

  • Paramedics 

  • Health visitor 

  • Social work 

  • Mental health 

  • Counselling

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