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Key Stage 3

At St. Patrick’s Academy, KS3 pupils are timetabled for 2 periods of ICT every week. During these classes, students are taught how to use a range of software applications, that will help them to develop the skills they will use throughout their lives, in commerce and industry, in science and research and in entertainment and leisure pursuits.

A cross curricular approach is taken and pupils are provided with a range of opportunities to develop and acquire the skills necessary to become informed and responsible users of ICT. This broad range of experiences, will reflect real-world uses of technology and help them to become confident, competent users of ICT.

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Key Stage 4


Today’s work environment depends increasingly on a range of technologies. The OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Information Technology Applications is designed to provide learners with the IT skills required to function successfully in the work and wider environment.

In order to achieve the Level 2 Certificate learners must complete a total of 15 credits.

Total Qualification Time (TQT) for this qualification: 150 hours

Methods of Assessment

All evidence will be internally assessed by qualified centre assessors and internally verified by the approved centres. External verification visits and monitoring activities will be conducted with centres annually.

The Level 2 Certificate is equivalent to a Grade B at GCSE.

Units studied are as follows:

Word Processing Software:

  • Be able to enter and combine text and other forms of information.

  • Be able to create and modify layout and structures for word processing documents.

  • Be able to format and present documents.

Spreadsheet Software:

  • Be able to use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise data.

  • Be able to select and use appropriate formulas and data analysis tools.

  • Be able to select and use tools and techniques to present and format spreadsheet information.

Email Software Skills:

  • Use email software tools and techniques to compose and send emails.

  • Be able to manage incoming emails.

Websites Software:

  • Be able to create structures and styles for websites.

  • Be able to use software tools to prepare content for websites.

  • Be able to publish websites.

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Key Stage 5

Not available at KS5.

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