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Key Stage 3

Not available at KS3.

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Key Stage 4


What is Media Studies?

This subject involves  (a)  studying the various types of communications that exist in our world and how they influence our opinions and  (b)  developing our ICT and Digital Technology skills to meet the demands of local and global markets.

Forms of Media I will Study:

Moving Image:

  • TV programmes

  • Advertising

  • News

  • Film

  • Game Trailers

Print Media:

  • Comics

  • Advertising

  • Magazines

  • Newspapers

  • Film posters


  • Radio shows

  • Music Videos

  • Promotion


  • Advertising

  • News

  • Websites

  • Podcasts

  • Games

Key Skills:

(Technical Skills)

  • ICT (editing, research, digital manipulation, publishing, design)

  • Digital Media Manipulation (film, camera, sound, production)

  • Design (DVD covers and Magazines)

Assessment Details

Media Studies Single Award comprises of two forms of assessment:

(1)         30% Controlled Assessment

(2)         70% Exam (Two exam papers in Year 12)

Controlled Assessments: require pupils to build on their understanding of the media key concepts for their own pre-production planning, leading to a realised production.

External Assessments: require candidates to investigate a pre-released media topic and to undertake research and planning in order to respond to two or more unseen tasks.

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Key Stage 5


Media Studies is a popular and well-established subject in which you study a variety of media forms, including television, film, print and online media. Media is a primarily academic course with a strong emphasis on research. However, unlike other A-levels, media has a practical element that will enable you to develop your creative and technical skills through filming, editing, photography, print and web design.

The course should give you an excellent introduction to the most important aspects of the media and the various career opportunities in this and related fields. If you want to continue with Media Studies in higher education, you will find a great number of degree and other courses offered such as Advertising (BSc), Communications, Advertising & Marketing (BSc Hons), Film Studies (BA Hons).

Media Studies involves the study of popular culture and provides the ultimate guide to understanding the most influential media platforms of our time.

Course Outline:

Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences (Written Exam 2 hours 15 minutes) [35% of qualification]

  • Section A: Analysing Media Language and Representation

  • Section B: Understanding Media Industries and Audiences

Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth (Written Exam – 2 hours 30 minutes) [35% of qualification]

  • Section A: Television in the Global Age

  • Section B: Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media

  • Section C: Media in the Online Age

Component 3: Cross-Media Production (Internally Assessed) [30% of qualification]

An individual cross-media production based on two forms in response to a choice of briefs set by WJEC, applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and digital convergence.

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