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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Description to follow soon.

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Key Stage 4


Music offers pupils the opportunity to develop a variety of skills including listening, performance and composition. Pupils who opt to choose music at Key Stage 4 will follow the GCSE course.

Course Content:


The pupils will study a variety of set pieces, which cover a wide range of different musical periods. The 4 areas of study are ‘Western Classical Music, Film Music, Musical Traditions Of Ireland & Popular Music

Candidates will be required to perform prepared pieces of music, both individually and in a group (5 minutes in length). Students must be receiving some form of instrument tuition. (Available in school)


Candidates are given the opportunity to create and develop musical ideas by composing music. Compositions must last 3-6 minutes overall.

Examination Details:

  • Composing/Coursework comprises 30% of the final mark and is submitted in April of the final year.

  • Performing carries 35% of the final mark and is conducted by an external examiner in April/May of the final year.

  • Listening and Appraising examination comprises 35% of the final mark and is assessed in June of Year 12.

Prior attainment: Students must have basic skills in singing

/ playing an instrument.

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Key Stage 5

Not available at KS5.

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