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Key Stage 3

Not available at Key Stage 3.

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Key Stage 4

St. Patrick’s Academy offers a double award in Occupational Studies.

The Occupational Studies awards:

  • Are designed to be accessible to a wide range of learners;

  • Help to raise levels of achievement, allowing learners to apply their knowledge in practical, work-related situations and contexts;

  • Emphasize learning by doing, which helps learners to develop important transferable skills;

  • Facilitate learning with an occupational and employability focus at Key Stage 4 and beyond;

  • Allow learners to achieve an award at NQF Level 2 (the same level as a GCSE at A*-C) depending on their performance in the assessment;

  • Are flexible enough to meet specific industries’ needs while providing a coherent and balanced qualification; and

  • Enable progression to other courses and to training and Employment.

Level 1 (equivalent to) - grades D-G

Level 2 (equivalent to) - grades A-C

Occupational courses studies at At. Patrick's Academy:

  • Construction

  • Digital Imagery

  • Catering

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Key Stage 5

Not available at KS5.

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