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Key Stage 3

Not available at KS3.

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Key Stage 4

Not available at KS4.

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Key Stage 5


Entry Requirements: Pupils must have a keen interest in sport.

In order to achieve the full qualification Candidates must achieve a minimum PASS grade for:

  • 3 mandatory units

  • 1 Specialist unit

Grading Criteria:

Pass 36 Credit Value (equivalent to a C)

Merit 52 Credit Value (equivalent to a B)

Distinction 74 Credit Value (equivalent to a A)

Distinction* 90 Credit Value (equivalent to a A*)

The total points for each unit over the course of the 2 years will determine the final grade of your certificate:

Units taken are:

Mandatory Units:

  • Unit 1 Anatomy & Physiology

  • Unit 2 Fitness Training & Programming for Health, Sport & Well Being

  • Unit 3 Professional Development in the Sports Industry

Specialist Unit: Unit 5 Application of Fitness Testing

This course may provide a starting point for those students wishing to pursue a University qualification or a career in the Sport and Leisure Industry.

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